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Digital Sprout Camp

the first step in future talent Gyeongsang National University X Ellis Digital Sprout Camp

Digital sprout camps attract interest and interest in software and artificial intelligence among elementary, middle, and high school students across the country, It is a nationwide education project during vacation to provide experiences and educational opportunities. Elice, who has the philosophy of "classroom for all," worked with Gyeongsang National University to produce and operate educational content. How was Elice evaluated by teachers and students?

the first step in future talent
Gyeongsang National University X Ellis Digital Sprout Camp

SW and AI education concerns for schools

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    We need to narrow the digital education gap according to the region and the digital culture environment.
  • 2
    Is there a customized education program that helps students become interested in SW and AI?
  • 3
    I need a program that can lay the foundation for programming during the short winter vacation.

Elice's education solution. You can use it like this

AI and SW Education Platform for All
AI and SW Education Platform for All
Students in islands and mountain areas who lack digital education opportunities can also experience various education using the latest physical teaching materials. The Ellis platform runs smoothly even when school PC specifications are poor, so teachers can only focus on classes.
Interactive non-face-to-face hands-on training
Interactive non-face-to-face hands-on training
Instead of cramming education that follows only lecture videos, it is an interactive hands-on education that communicates in real time between teachers and students, enabling communication-free non-face-to-face classes.
Fun learning! gamification curriculum
Fun learning! gamification curriculum
With the composition of the gamification curriculum, students can learn coding more fun in the process of achieving quests and naturally develop problem-solving and planning skills through project activities.

a curriculum tailored to each level

Meet the curriculum designed for each grade level.

Elementary School Students: Scratch Coding and Ringbit Car Camp
The process of making scratch coding and AI ring bit cars that even students who are new to coding can learn with interest
Middle school students: Python coding and AI app development camp
The process of completing my own portfolio, from introducing Python algorithm coding to creating machine learning-based smartphone apps
High school students: SW Master Python Game Production Camp
The process of quickly completing the essential concepts of Python grammar, making self-driving cars, and producing four classic games

Elice Education Solutions Check out the results

Quality Digital education using platform
플랫폼을 통한 양질의 디지털 교육으로 학생들이 사교육 없이도 디지털 역량을 강화할 수 있도록 도왔습니다.
a gift-like camp for the underprivileged
We ran Santa Camp during the winter vacation, where both students and teachers from the digital underprivileged were happy.
Future class spread using iTalk Talk-iBook
In collaboration with the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education, we conducted future digital classes using the smart terminal "iTalk Talk iBook."

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Adult training

Non-major students, to become a promising developer with state funding

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