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The First AI Courseware to Achieve the Standard CSAP Certification

Explore Elice's robust platform, proven by Cloud Service Assurance Program (CSAP)

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Explore Elice's Exclusive AI Technology

Discover everything about Elice AI technology

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The First AI Courseware to Achieve the Standard CSAP Certification

Explore Elice's robust platform, proven by Cloud Service Assurance Program (CSAP)

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Explore Elice's Exclusive AI Technology

Discover everything about Elice AI technology

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The First AI Courseware to Achieve the Standard CSAP Certification

Explore Elice's robust platform, proven by Cloud Service Assurance Program (CSAP)

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Zigzag College Student's Elice Field Experience (Part 2)



Hello, everyone.
I’m Eunki Gong from the Elice People team. 🙂 .

Today, I’m back with part 2 of my fieldwork experience at Elice!
Since the first installment was released, we’ve had a lot of different things happen…!

Let’s START~ 👉

1. The ants are still working hard today.

I’ve been working steadily on sourcing instructors for the Elice track, which I mentioned in the first installment of this blog.
I feel like the cycle of boot camps and track openings is speeding up, which gives me a small sense of pride.

Theory Coach job opening in the next breath, Project Coach job opening in the next breath 😮‍💨

In addition to the ongoing education partner recruitment, I was able to experience one new task this time!
Namely, the Armed Forces Career Fair at KINTEX, where I got to be a representative from the People team. ✌️

There’s nothing like a fair to get great talent and showcase your company.
Elice also travels to schools and events for fairs and job fairs during certain seasons to get good talent.

Where is Elise among all these booths? Start looking for hidden booths…!!🤔

At first, I was a little nervous. First of all, there was the pressure of a big event, and I wasn’t sure if I could do a good job of introducing the company and the job positions with my on-the-job training-level background.
But I think I was able to take the challenge because I thought that the experience itself was a special experience and a meaningful opportunity that can’t be done easily. 🙋

I was able to communicate directly with the organizing secretariat to prepare for the event, and I also designed a promotional brochure to hand out to people visiting the booth, so I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the company and the job positions on my own.

Above all, thanks to the People Team who created the introduction materials and Elise from the Business Development Headquarters who prepared and conducted the entire process of the fair together, we were able to successfully conclude the fair by introducing Elise to more than 200 military personnel on both days.😆

Here’s a detailed explanation of what Elice is all about!!!

There were quite a few people who had already used the Elice platform for various education projects, so they wanted to know more about the company and listened with interest. I think this made me more enthusiastic to proceed.

I hope to meet some of the people I met at the consultation booth at Elice in real life👍.

2. It’s really all about team activities now.

What are some ways we can bring teams closer together within Elice?

That’s right…team activities!! bang⚡.

At Elice, we organize team activities to encourage team interaction and bonding.
We organize and participate in monthly activities as a team to promote healthy communication and growth outside of work.

It’s a great way to bring the team closer together by adding something active to their day, rather than just having a meal together🌟.

Our team leader, who is also the host of the activity…!

Now, let’s take a look at what we’ve been working on and how we’ve been organizing activities on PeopleTeam💨.

First, table tennis, which we had a lot of fun playing last month🏓

The table tennis room was quite spacious and comfortable! I’ll show you my sergeant table tennis skills honed in the army 👊

▲ Now…this is what spin is…and table tennis is…!

It’s not a sport I’d normally think of playing, but as a team activity, I had a lot of fun swinging the racket with my teammates.

Besides the last activity where we played hard and competitively, this month’s activity was an enneagram test at a place called Star Personality Cafe.

▲ A rare masterpiece to beat the MBTI! ⭐⭐All my personalities are here~!

I’ve heard of board game cafes, study cafes, and dog cafes, but I’ve never heard of a cafe that tests personality types. How did this month’s host find such a strange place?!

▲What type of personality do you think you are…? You should definitely try it out!

Team members gathered around and listened to the instructor’s interpretation! My type is 6️⃣🪶7️⃣이랍니다.

The Enneagram helped me think about myself again, and listening to the instructor’s interpretation helped me understand more about each team member’s personality, work style, and communication style.

In the office, everyone seems to be focused on their own work, but I think it’s good that we can show each other’s usual side through team activities like this and talk about it in a friendly way.👍

In addition, when we finish the team activity, we share it on Slack and introduce it by writing a review.

So, what fun activities have other teams organized besides the People team?

▲ Ho-ho… Climbing and rooftop parties?!!

For next month’s activity, I heard a rumor that the winning host is planning a yacht tour on the Han River, and I’m totally looking forward to it…!
🥁Dougou Dougou🥁

3. After work, I’m going to go to a club to relieve stress.

Club (club) activities at work. It seems unfamiliar.
However, at Elice, there are various club activities that you can imagine! Did you know that?

Movie nights, bands, knitting, one-day classes…! There are 10 different cool clubs waiting for you 🤗!

I think it’s great that through the clubs, you can not only pursue your own hobbies, but you can also get to know each other more easily, and most importantly, you can get to know elders from other teams that you wouldn’t normally meet.

At this point, you might be wondering what kind of club activities I do!
I’ve always been interested in digital transformation (DX), so I joined the Korea Digital Transformation Research Society to conduct research.

If you’re wondering why there’s a soccer ball in the logo, you’re in the right place! (It’s actually a soccer club⚽)

A little glimpse of the club’s activities… We’re still working hard on DX today!

In addition to my DX club, there are several other clubs that I mentioned earlier that are steady and active.👍
Each person can join up to two clubs, so I’m looking for another place to join…hehe
I look forward to interacting with more Elysians in clubs in the future!

▲GPU로 갈까요~ 블랭크로 갈까요~ 차라리 국이집합 갈까요~ 츄츄 🎶

Before entering the club, you can check the club reviews in advance like this!

4. It’s a gathering for the growth of interns, but now with lunch.

We call our interns and co-ops ‘mini Elysers’ because they are not full-time employees, but they understand the culture and values of Elys and are learning to work 👀 .

As our company focuses on growth, we also organize a Mini Elysees Lunch & Learn once a month to help our interns and co-ops learn more. 🍱&📚

Each month, we invite a senior Elysian to join us for lunch to discuss a new topic.

It’s the first start of Elise’s LUNCH & LEARN! I’ll eat well 👏

The first LUNCH & LEARN was held with our CEO, Jae Won, who shared with us his vision for Elice and his thoughts and perspectives as a CEO.
He also answered the questions that the mini Elysers had about the company!

In the second session, the leader of our people team talked about agile and gave us some basic workflow tips. We were able to think about what is efficient, what is effective, and what choices we can make depending on the situation, based on our own roles and work styles.

In the third session, the leader of the Brand Division joined us to talk about career concerns that students and interns might have. He explained various worries that he had when he was in the early stages of his career, and real-life stories that he had felt and experienced to build his current career in a fun way, with the eyes of a mini Elysian.

▲ How can I grow into the person I will be in the future, and what would the person I will be want to say to me now…? 🤔

Through the Mini Elixir LUNCH & LEARN, it was fun to meet fellow interns who were in different work positions and different offices, and it was valuable to hear various information from seniors who have been in the business for a long time. I’m already looking forward to the next installment…!

My on-the-job training at Elice is now approaching its fifth month.
I’ve seen, heard, and learned a lot through various tasks and activities, and I can’t wait to see what new things are in store for me in the future💜.

I hope you enjoy this blog and that you get a chance to learn a little bit more about Elice and our interns. Have a great day 😘!

* This content is copyrighted by Elice as a work protected by copyright law.
* The content is prohibited from secondary processing and commercial use without prior consent.
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