Why is the PBL education method essential for corporate education?



As IT and digital technologies evolve rapidly, companies require continuous innovation and change. Naturally, the development of employees’ capabilities and corporate education are emerging to be key issues. Gartner’s 2022 Hype Cycle also predicted the rise of corporate talent marketplaces. This means that knowing how to bring out the capabilities of your employees is becoming increasingly important.

To adapt to these changing goalposts, there has been a demand for more effective corporate training methods. As a result, new corporate education methods continue to draw attention. Among them, the demand for PBL education in particular is increasing. PBL education is a method of learning in the process of solving real problems, and it is a training method adopted by many companies because it can develop the ability to solve various problems companies in the field actually face. In this module, we will examine why the PBL training method should be adopted for corporate DX training.

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What is PBL education?

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PBL education is a term for “Project-based Learning,” also referred to as the “Problem-based Learning” method.

In “Project-based Learning,” learners learn by taking the lead in solving actual tasks that go towards a project. Learners discover problems themselves, seek solutions, and acquire the knowledge and skills they need in the process. “Problem-based learning” is about learning from solving problems. It is a method that asks learners to continuously solve problems and adjusts the difficulty based on which problems they have solved. Both educational approaches promote active learning, in which learners proactively seek to understand the meaning of knowledge rather than merely passively receiving it. Thus, education can be considered successful only when learners acquire the ability to learn independently.

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Differences from traditional teaching methods

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Traditional teaching methods are mainly focused on transferring knowledge. In this educational method, educators play the role of knowledge conveyor, and learners play only the role of passive knowledge recipients. This can be effective in acquiring knowledge, but there is a limit to enhancing the ability to apply knowledge in solving real problems.

PBL training, on the other hand, allows learners to find problems they are suited for and acquire knowledge in the process of solving them. This is why it is effective in closing the gap between theory and practice. In this case, educators act as mentors to guide and support the learning process, not as knowledge conveyors. And learners engage in learning as independent problem solvers, not passive recipients of knowledge. Another strength of the project-based learning method is that team-based projects can help to develop collaborative skills. In addition, it is the most effective training method for corporate education as it can develop multiple competencies simultaneously suited for the actual working environment of the company.

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Why you should adopt PBL training for corporate education

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Enterprise PBL training offers the advantage of learning from real-world issues, allowing employees to develop practical skills that apply directly to their work. It helps improve communication, and collaboration, as well as the ability to solve problems creatively.

Creative problem-solving capabilities are unique human capabilities that AI cannot catch up with. The ability to solve problems enables companies to come up with creative solutions and further innovate. This is why PBL education does not only convey knowledge but also improves uniquely human abilities for problem solving. Therefore, in order for a company to continue to change and grow, it is important to develop the problem-solving capabilities of executives and employees through project-based learning (PBL) training.

Why DX training should adopt a PBL training approach

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Digital transformation (DX) is an essential process for companies to go through in order to become competitive and grow. Successful digital transformation requires employees to be able to understand new digital technologies and apply them to real-world tasks. As a result, PBL education is gaining more and more popularity as a successful corporate DX training method. Next, let’s look at why project-based learning methods, or PBL training, are effective in DX training.

  • Firstly, they learn based on real-world business problems, so employees will learn to effectively utilize digital technology in real-world work. This method overcomes the limitations of existing theory-based education methods. The PBL training method is also effective in onboarding new employees and experienced workers and helping to cultivate practical skills.

  • Secondly, it helps to improve creative problem solving skills. DX is a process that changes the way traditional tasks are performed, and so a variety of problems that follow from this change will need to be addressed. Choosing PBL as a DX training method allows employees to develop the creativity and critical thinking they need to solve problems.

  • Thirdly, it helps motivate employees. In the PBL teaching method, learner satisfaction is increased from learning through the process of solving problems and producing results themselves. This sense of accomplishment is a very important factor in increasing learning absorption and has a great influence on future learning.

  • Fourth, the capability to respond to technological changes confidently and independently through self-developed methods can be cultivated. Digital technologies evolve and change rapidly. It’s hard to prepare for the next five years with just the education methods available right now. In order to respond to this problem effectively, sustained learning and adaptability are required. Project-based learning allows learners to practice self-directed learning by solving problems and acquiring new knowledge on their own.

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So far, we have summarized the reasons why PBL training is needed in corporate education. DX Solution Elice specializes in corporate education and provides customized PBL training as one of the DX training methods for employees. Elice designs and provides enterprise-specific projects that are connected to actual problems in the field, and uses in-house data to further improve on the practicality of these projects. The curriculum is organized based on the needs of companies, executives, and employees, so you can develop skills that are essential in the field.

For manufacturing companies, PBL training allows them to work on projects that can directly solve field problems, such as predicting manufacturing process anomalies or process efficiency using in-house data. For financial companies, machine learning can also be used to implement a model that predicts customers with credit risk based on their financial transaction data. If you’re looking for training on solving real-world problems, or if you’re curious about how to solve them by applying DX field data technology, it’s a good idea to look at Elice DX education’s PBL training. Learn how to solve problems and increase collaborative work efficiency with successful corporate PBL training!

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