Elice Inc. holds MLOps trend conference ‘AI Insight conf’



Representative domestic and foreign MLOps companies gather in one place to share the latest technology trends and know-how

A place to share insights that can change developer practice environments and improve development capabilities

Elice Inc. (CEO Kim Jae-won), an AI Edtech platform company, will simultaneously hold a conference called “ELICE 2023 AI Insight Conf: MLOps” at Elice Lab Seongsu Center on the 16th.

The “AI Insight Conf,” which will be held for the first time, is a hybrid conference organized by Elice Inc. so that developers can gather together to share future industrial trends. Led by Elice’s adult AI practical education brand “El Academy,” it will continue to be held to lead developers to change their working environment by sharing new technologies and know-how.

Elice Inc. has selected its flagship technology, MLOps, as the first topic of the AI Insight Conf as a leading start-up in the field of AI education and research that has grown into AI-based technology. Eight domestic and foreign companies leading MLOps technology, including Elice Inc., will participate.

In the session, Elice Inc.’s Kim Suin, an expert in MLOps, will present MLOps technology know-how and examples of each company’s MLOps technology leading the current technology trend, DataBrix Park Sang-won, Senior Solution Architect, Ahn Jae-man, CEO of VESSL AI, Makinarocks Jang Young-chul, MLOps engineer, Hyun Jae-woong of The Pinkfong Company, Kim Sol, platform engineer of Furiosa AI, Ko Seok-hyun, CEO of Sionic AI, and Kim Jae-deok, AI Developer Technology engineer of Nvidia, will present their MLOps technology know-how and examples.

The conference can be attended online and offline, and registration and detailed information can be found on the AI Insight Conf website. It will provide various gifts to first-come, first-served registrants, including a three-month ticket to the Elice Project (GPU) and a discount ticket to the Elcademy. On the same day, a business card event will also be held for online and offline participants.

Kim Jae-won, CEO of Elice Inc., said, “Now that AI is leading changes in daily life, we have prepared a conference because we thought it was necessary to share insights on MLOps technology, which is key to AI education and research. If you are interested in MLOps after attending the conference, you will be able to provide an opportunity to further grow technically through the experience of Elcademy education, which has various lectures from basic to advanced stages.”

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