"Hello Elicer Day 2022," an Elicer celebration for the whole family



A week that felt like a month, and a month that felt like a year. It’s the end of an incredibly busy and intense 2022. How was your year?

▲ Seriously, a year in review 중🖊️

The last week leading up to Christmas was a special end of year event for Elice, Hello Elicer Day. It was a great time to reflect on what we’ve tried, failed, and succeeded at over the past year, and to set new goals for the new year.

▲ They’re all gathered together! And there’s a cute baby angel😊.

Especially, there was a special ‘guest’ at this event!
The special guest who made everyone excited was…

▲ When I say one, two, three with my beloved parents, “Elice~!

It was ‘Elisher’s family and friends’!

There were about 250 people who participated in the event, and thanks to them, the event was successful. Now, let’s show you the scene of Hello Elicer Day with Elicer and his loved ones!

1. An impromptu photo booth with Hello Bits.

If there’s one thing you can never have enough of on a special occasion, it’s photos.

▲ Poses are more special than anyone else~♡

▲ Dad, I love these sunglasses!😎

▲ 모델처럼 찰칵✌

From the photo wall with the cute Giant Hello Kitty, to the instant photo booth, we had a lot to offer! We were happy to see so many people enjoying themselves and saving their memories.😊

2. Hello Kitty Wishing Tree

In the new year of 2023, we put the wishes of every Elysian on the tree.🎄 Almost all of the participants wrote their most important wishes, such as the health of their parents, personal growth, and career advancement, which resulted in a rich purple wish tree.🙌

▲ Annual wish “Win the lottery🤑”

▲ Jagoro(?) Wishes come true when you’re specific and detailed!

▲ The most popular Hello Kitty wishing card🐰.

▲ What was this pretty couple’s wish?

Looking at the filled wish tree, it gives me a strong belief and determination that the new year will be a year to accomplish and learn more. Most of all, I wish for all of Elice to be ‘healthy’ and ‘happy’ in the new year.

3. Limited-edition merchandise for guests and Eliezer.

The limited edition merchandise that we prepared to thank everyone for attending the event was also very popular.

▲ Hello ballcaps, wireless charging pads, stickers, keyrings, embroidered backpacks, keychains, and even microfiber blankets!

In particular, the concept of this merchandise was “DX is Elice Concept”, which was very well received. The tacky design appealed to Elise’s love of IT and tech, and the items were perfect for the office.

▲ Developer concept completed with Elice Day goods #OOTD

ESC keycaps with the cute little Elice logo!

Office essentials blanket that will be used in all seasons…☆

I realized that the fun afterglow of the event would last quite a while after ELSE Day was over, thanks to the goodies that will be used in the office.

4. A fabulous multi-course meal and a can’t-miss event.

“I’d love to have a big, warm meal with Eliezer and the whole family.”__

That’s what Hello Elicer Day was initially designed to be, so we tried to make the meal ‘fancy’.

“Welcome to Hello Elicer Day!” welcome message and goodies

The meal consisted of 8 courses and was served with wine, so we could enjoy it slowly while chatting.

▲ We were most looking forward to the steaks, but the desserts were also very good!

Around the time of the tiramisu, the events organized by the People team started, starting with the Lucky Draw in a roulette format, followed by the Elice Quiz Cup and finally the Wish Tree Award. Thanks to the enthusiasm of all the participants, it was an exciting event despite the sub-zero temperatures! 🔥

▲ Oh yeah I’m on my way to the prize~🏃

▲ Teammates are happy to ride!

▲ Elise Quiz Cup, where we could learn more about Elise!🏆

▲ Congratulations on winning!🎁

Additionally, all content and events for this event were organized through the Elice platform. It was a meaningful occasion for Elise’s family and friends to experience and enjoy the Elice platform and culture for the first time.

5. Surprise Inspirational Video

The event concluded with a surprise interview video, which we prepared to thank our proud colleagues who never gave up and did their best.

▲ Everyone~ You were surprised, weren’t you?

My eyes are… Reddened…☆

▲ Impressive, my team💜

It’s been a challenging year for all of us at Elice, driven by the belief that innovative technology can create opportunity for all. The competition was fierce, but with the support of our colleagues and loved ones, we were one step closer to our goals.

Watching these interviews, which were like video letters, made us feel emotional, then laugh out loud, and share our gratitude.🙏

It’s the end of the year and we’re looking forward to a great journey in 2023.
We’re looking forward to a year of even more growth and heartwarming accomplishments in 2023. Happy New Year!🎉

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