Elice takes the test on New Year's Day



It’s already March 2022. How was your January and February?
Even though it’s already been a month, we thought we’d show off some of Elice’ exotic Lunar New Year events!

For Lunar New Year 2022, our brand communications team wanted to make sure Elysée had a meaningful and rewarding experience.
That’s why we created the 2022 Elice Realms Practice Test.
Many guests were confused and thought, “What’s a test?” We secretly organized it internally and surprised everyone the day before the holiday!

Introducing the 2022 Elice Zone Practice Test.

2022 Elice Section Practice Test Paper

What is the 2022 Elice Area Practice Test?


Elice Practice Test Notice

“But there’s only one test sheet for the practice exam, so how can we do it as a group?”

Don’t worry. You can take the Elice practice test online on the Elice platform. Just log in to the Elice platform and the Elice app to take the test and submit it.
If you don’t have a laptop, you can use the iPad provided by Elice to take the test with light hands and a heavy heart this Lunar New Year.

You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win a meal voucher for two at Shilla Hotel The Parkview in Seoul, Korea. The Elice mock test was highly anticipated by many! Many Eliceers and their friends participated in the test. Here are some of the stories of Eliceers who took the test.

1. Little brother, let’s go to Seoul_Yoonji Hyung Elyse**

Yoonji took the test with her younger brother, who is a middle school student. I hope your brother will come to see Seoul!


2. Defending the Homeland, with Elice_Kwon Giyeon Elicer

Ms. Ki-yeon, who gazed together with her brother, who is working hard to defend the national territory in Dokdo. Although they are far apart in body, it is warm as if they stared together in heart.


3. Digital Han Seokbong_Lee Junho Elicer

An Elice mock test with dessert doesn’t get much sweeter than this.


4. Brotherly love for learning_Park Sukwang Elicer

The two brothers are solving the mock test with great care! You can see their father’s eagerness in their eyes.


5. Infused Education_Kim Minjoo Elicer

Minjoo stares with her sister with a little bit of smoke in her eyes. You’re watching infusion training in action.


6. With the grandfather_Kang Yoonsu Elicer

Yoonsoo Kang with his grandfather. All problems cleared with Elise’s iPad!


7. Future Elice School student_Kim Suin Elicer

Ms. Suin Kim took the test with her daughter, who will be a future Elice School student. Her daughter’s cuteness was over the top. She passed!

It’s okay if your exam paper is crumpled, it’s cute…ah no, you’re taking it on the Elice platform.

It’s okay if you bite your pencil, you can just use your finger to loosen it.

Congratulations, you’ve made it through this long and arduous process and submitted a perfect test :)

8. The Parkview I’m going to go too_Kim Roomi Elicer

Rumi stared with her father and her dog, Popsong. Please give a hearty applause to Popsongi, who was sleepy but stared hard.


9. Solve the dolls together_Ji Sanghyun Elicer

Sanghyun stares with his family and a doll(?). Maybe it was because of the full support of the dolls? Rumor has it that you won the first prize…(Whispering)


In addition to this, there were a lot of Elysers who took the mock test, and we were able to spend a warmer New Year’s holiday because more people participated than we expected. It was a fun event to meet Elysers’ family and friends through photos and hear various stories. We hope that everyone who participated had a great time getting to know Elice and utilizing the Elice platform to get to know him better!

The much-anticipated prize draw was held live at the February Gathering, and a total of five winners were selected through roulette. Amidst the cheers of the winners and the cries of the losers, the winners received a meal voucher for two at Shilla Hotel The Parkview in Seoul, and the Elice mock test event came to an end.

We’re always looking to organize more fun and meaningful events for Elice, so please feel free to share your ideas with us, and we’ll see you next time with something new!

Want to try your hand at coding on the Elice platform even if it’s not an Elice mock exam?
Go to Elice Academy >>

Interested in becoming an Elsevier for the next Elsevier practice test?
Go to Elice Careers >>

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