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The competition for developers is no longer limited to IT companies. Companies in non-IT sectors are seeking cross-disciplinary talent to speed up their digital transformation efforts. This change in talent acquisition requirements indicates that organizations can no longer depend solely on conventional personality tests and interview processes to assess job suitability.

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Elice has been providing DX and software training for years. Over that time, we’ve realized that companies have a common need for numerical, quantitative competency assessments for better training delivery and competency evaluation. To meet this need, Elice is offering a revamped Elice Test- Learn more about the revamped Elsevier Elastest.

Allow us to introduce the Elice Test, a platform that offers a range of competency assessment solutions, including coding tests.

Coding tests that allow for job competency evaluation face the issue of mismatching with practical work, making them unsuitable for assessing job skills.

To address this challenge, the Elice Test has developed a practical assessment service grounded in years of hands-on software education expertise, making it well-suited for evaluating job competencies. This assessment service offers tests capable of testing real job competencies. It achieves this by presenting tailored questions based on the candidate’s situation, utilizing optimized algorithms and AI solutions.

The Elice Test has been providing DX training for prominent domestic companies, enabling comprehensive evaluations of algorithms and job competencies. Elice has conducted DX/IT competency assessments for top domestic companies such as Company L and Company K, using a platform that allows for practical training and service implementation. Leveraging the accumulated data, Elice continually enhances its tests to provide improved assessments.

역량 평가, DX 역량, 코딩테스트, 직무 역량, 인재 채용

Which companies should use the Elice Test?

DX Competency Assessment in Non-IT Industries

The Elice Test takes less than a minute to set up a test, even for non-coders. The user-friendly interface ensures a swift transition from test creation to inviting test takers, making the process quick and effortless. The Elice Test is specifically crafted to evaluate job competencies by formulating questions that integrate precise practical skills for each role. This is achieved through optimized algorithms rooted in 400,000 training data points, and the coding tests are continuously refined for improvement. The Elice Test offers tailored test questions and performs precise assessments, leveraging its expertise in artificial intelligence, data analysis, and web development. DX competency assessment can be applied to non-IT companies and various industries. It also offers diverse competency tests, including data handling and proficiency in utilizing Jupiter notebook tools. This versatility allows it to be utilized not only for recruitment purposes but also for employee evaluations, enhancing the accuracy of competency assessments. Lastly, with automatic scoring, managers can effortlessly receive a well-organized result report, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free testing experience.

If you need a test that is customized to your company, Elice Consulting can help you design customized questions. We generate questions and mock tests tailored to on-site demand during pre-interviews, customizing IT/DX competency assessment questions based on your employees’ requirements through two rounds of on-site feedback.

Hiring Developers and Assessing Non-Developer Job Competencies in the IT Industry

Companies are obliged to assess and analyze candidates’ skills, expertise, experience, aptitudes, and preferences to hire the right people. However, according to a report by Allied Analytics, 78% of resumes contain incorrect information, and 48% include false details. To address this issue, the Elice Test verifies applicants’ practical competencies to ensure accuracy and reliability. Specifically, the Elice Test has been conducting coding tests using its established platform specializing in developer recruitment. Major domestic IT companies such as Company L and Company S are already utilizing the test for evaluating new hires and assessing their internal employees.

The Elice Test operates within a stable server environment and ensures a secure testing environment even during rapid increases in usage through auto-scaling measures. It also has a powerful cheating prevention system, enabling institutional managers to make hiring decisions based on the result report alone. The Elice Test allows triple monitoring capabilities, utilizing a monitor, webcam, and mobile devices, offering robust cheating prevention features like ID verification, recording, keystroke code tracking, and code similarity detection.

역량 평가, DX 역량, 코딩테스트, 직무 역량, 인재 채용

Educational Institution Examples

The Elice Test is utilized not only by corporations but also by various educational institutions. Elice has been conducting competency assessments through Elice Test for all 10 tracks, including the Software Engineer Track AI 1st cohort, since its inception. In the competency test for Elice Software Engineer Track 2nd cohort, there were two components: a computational thinking test and a coding test. A total of 600 individuals successfully completed the test. Not only that, but many high schools and universities also conduct assessments through the Elice Test.

A test capable of evaluating employee DX competencies up to the mark.

Coding tests are typically used to assess developers’ fundamental skills and potential. However, with the introduction of DX (Digital Transformation) in various companies, the demand for DX evaluations has increased not only for hiring new developers but also for assessing existing employees. Elice coding tests are aligned with the market trends, offering services ranging from job competency and DX competency assessments to certification tests, focusing on practical skills and technology-centered hiring and evaluations in the workplace. Elice Test continually updates its questions to cater to each company’s specific needs, aiming to enhance the competencies of both new hires and existing employees, rather than solely focusing on developer recruitment. The platform adapts to assessment trends and will continue to improve, expanding into various competency assessment solutions in the future.

If you are a company that needs to recruit or develop talent through practice-based IT competency assessment, try the Elice Test today.- Learn more about the Elice Test

Stay tuned for the Elice Test’s upcoming artificial intelligence certification, TOPA (Test Of Practical Artificial Intelligence), to further advance the DX competency assessment!

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