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In the 2022 Type Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, we introduced the technology by dividing the emerging technologies to be noted into three themes: “evolution of immersive experiences,” “accelerating AI automation,” and “optimizing the capabilities of technology experts.” In the Gartner Hype Cycle, the “in-house workforce market” was introduced as a technology that will lead to the evolution and expansion of immersive experiences. This refers to technology that matches employees to new opportunities and roles based on skills, interests and preferences, or automatically matches specific projects and work opportunities to internal staff and non-regular staff pools. That’s how important it is to connect the company’s internal workforce to the right projects and opportunities. In the future, how to use internal human resources well through technology and education is also expected to have a significant impact on corporate competitiveness. In this content, we will look at in-house job change training as the in-house workforce market changes.

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In-house job change training, reskilling trends

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According to a survey conducted by KBS on 20s and 30s workers in Korea in 2022, 22.5% of 200 men and women in their 20s and 30s who experienced voluntary resignation cited “low possibility of personal development” as the reason for quitting. As such, it can be seen that employees who leave the company recently often decide to leave the company because they have few opportunities to learn within the organization. It can be seen as an era in which the desire for personal development is very strong. Therefore, it is important for companies to provide learning opportunities to help their employees continue to grow and develop. In addition to the individual’s desire for development, the job competency required of each individual is constantly changing according to the rapidly changing work environment and technology. The World Economic Forum (WEF) also stated that technological advances will require 1 billion people to rescill by 2030. Along with the acceleration of DX, which was accelerated by Corona, the need to continuously educate employees on their capabilities, knowledge, and skills has emerged.

Reskilling means learning a new field to perform a job that is different from the present. It means acquiring new knowledge or relearning skills to take on a new role in the company. Reskilling enables you to reallocate to new tasks and take on new tasks from the perspective of your employees. For HR, relocating existing staff work through reskilling is also a better alternative to hiring new employees in terms of cost-effectiveness and prevention of talented people. In addition, it can be an opportunity to discover new job aptitude from the perspective of employees, and it can be an advantage to be able to continue economic activity. And the advantage of rescaling is that the possibility of promotion within the organization increases and the need for self-development can be met. After all, reskilling is both a strategy and a necessary attitude to respond flexibly to the changing environment from a corporate and employee perspective.

A high-profile in-house public offering system

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Recently, there is an increasing number of ‘career transitions’ that change the job itself along with the turnover to increase the salary. According to a survey of 1,162 office workers in their 20s and 30s conducted by Job Korea, 84.4% of office workers said they had thought they wanted to do something other than their current job. When asked about the possibility of a career transition, more than 70% of office workers said it would be possible.

Most office workers often think more about the possibility of career transformation through turnover than in-house job transformation through reskilling. For companies, it is more efficient to encourage in-house job conversion through in-house public offerings than to leak talent through employee turnover. The ‘in-house public offering system’ is a system that puts out a job announcement within the company and evaluates and moves employees who want to change their careers according to certain criteria. It is also a better alternative than external recruitment because it can prevent corporate talent from leaving the company because they cannot properly utilize their capabilities or adapt to the organizational culture. The ability to quickly position internal talent with proven work capabilities and organizational culture suitability can be a great advantage of the in-house public offering system.

In fact, according to a survey of 230 domestic human resources managers conducted by HR solution company Diplap, 66.5% of the respondents said it was important to deploy talent through an in-house public offering system. In addition, 62.6% of companies said they would introduce or introduce an in-house public offering system, raising attention to the in-house public offering system. From the perspective of employees, discussions about how to introduce an effective in-house public offering system are actively taking place in the HR industry, as job change can be a better alternative to turnover.

How to train successful in-house job transitions

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So how do you effectively introduce and conduct ‘riskilling’ or in-house job change training? In a related development, former Deloitte corporate education strategy advisor Josh Vershin mentioned ‘Workflow Learning’, a way to learn while working at the 2023 HRD Leaders Forum. Since the existing job training method is based on theory, it is not easy to concentrate from the perspective of the student, and it is difficult to combine it with practice, making it difficult to achieve the goal of true in-house job conversion education. Instead, workflow learning breaks the limitations of traditional learning methods by allowing you to access your learning environment anytime, anywhere with customized training, and learn what you need for your work right away.

However, workflow learning requires a number of things to be met in order for successful in-house job transition training to continue. In-house field leaders must participate and provide real-world project engagement opportunities for employees to gain hands-on experience. It is also important to encourage continuous learning so that it can be applied to work rather than once learning and finishing training. This workflow learning enables successful job transfer training for employees.

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Elice DX Training: Workflow Learning + PBL Training

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Elice provides a PBL training course for successful in-house job transition training in-learning. In the PBL training course, enterprise-specific projects are carried out so that problems can be solved directly into the field. Learn based on real-world issues or similar projects, and help improve individual practice. As an example of reskilling education, LG Electronics conducted reskilling education through Elice to discover data science talent. The completion of the reskilling training passed more than 90% of the tests taken by incumbent LG Electronics SW workers, proving the effectiveness of the training.

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So far, we’ve learned about reskilling, the in-house public offering system, and how to achieve successful in-house job change training. If you want to increase HR efficiency and prevent talent leakage through in-house job change training, why not conduct reskilling training through Elice?

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