Elice Inc. unveils AI-based education solution ‘Elice LXP’ for the first time globally at CES 2024



Participating in CES for the first time and planning to begin targeting the global market this year

Advancement of global functions such as AI-based English translation, subtitles, and voice generation

Elice Inc. (CEO Kim Jae-won), an education practice platform company, is taking its first global step of the new year by participating in 'CES 2024', the world's largest IT and home appliance exhibition, held in Las Vegas, USA from January 9th to 12th (local time).

Elice Inc., participating in CES for the first time this year, will set up a booth in the integrated Korean pavilion in Eureka Park and introduce its AI-based education platform ‘Elice LXP’ to the global market.

Elice LXP is an AI-based educational practice platform researched based on the world's largest coding learning data (1 billion cases). We are securing competitiveness in the global market by being able to translate learning materials such as videos into audio and subtitles using our self-developed AI technology, and by providing educational content from pluralsight, a global B2B IT education company. Last year, it was recognized for its innovation and technological prowess in the global market by being selected as one of the 'East Asia EdTech 150' by global education market research firm 'Holon IQ' for three consecutive years, following 21 and 22.

In Korea, more than 1,800 companies and institutions have already introduced various AI functions that enhance learning effectiveness, such as automatic grading, an AI dashboard that visualizes various learning data, and LLM-based 'AI Helpy', and the cumulative number of learners has exceeded 1 million. In addition, in the field of coding learning, which has a low completion rate, we are recording a high completion rate of over 80%.

Elice Inc. begins its global expansion in earnest starting with participation in CES 2024. The company completed the establishment of a Singapore corporation last year, and plans to target the APAC market, centered on Singapore, starting this year.

Kim Jae-won, CEO of Elice Inc., said, “Elice LXP is a highly versatile educational solution that can be used to study a variety of subjects, so we expect a lot of interest from overseas. In addition, as a result of our focus on upgrading our global functions last year, we have become competitive in the global market,” he said. “Starting with our first participation in CES this year, we will expand our education solution business to Singapore universities and companies to become a global AI edtech company.” reported.
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