Elice, Inc. signs an exclusive domestic partnership with Pluralsight, the No. 1 company in global B2B IT education sales



Global IT education content used by 70% of Fortune 500 companies, exclusive domestic service through Elice LXP

Pluralsight’s cloud education content released for the first time in Korea through Elcademy

Elice, Inc. (CEO Jaewon Kim), an educational practice platform company, has signed an exclusive domestic partnership for educational content with Pluralsight, the No. 1 company in global B2B IT education sales.

Pluralsight is a global B2B IT education company where developers from around the world, including the United States, learn IT technologies such as SW, programming, and cloud. While looking for a Korean partner, we ended up joining hands with Elice, Inc. with the support of the Korea Software Industry Association (Chairman Cho Jun-hee).

With this contract, Elice, Inc. has secured the exclusive domestic sales rights for Pluralsight’s educational content. Pluralsight’s educational content is translated and localized in Korea using Elice’ unique AI technology and then serviced through Elice LXP. Elice, Inc. continues to work closely with Pluralsight to expand into overseas countries such as Japan and Singapore.

Pluralsight paid attention to Elice LXP’s AI-based technology optimized for education and decided to sign a contract. Elice LXP’s AI dashboard predicts completion based on data such as students’ academic achievement and learning patterns, helping anyone complete their studies effectively. Elice LXP’s average completion rate is over 80%, and the number of learners has exceeded 1 million.

Pluralsight has the highest quality training courses in the fields of SW, cloud, AI, and security, utilizing the largest network of instructors who are former IT engineers in the U.S. and globally. In particular, it includes advanced content in the SW field such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as well as global network and security certification training courses that are difficult to access in Korea.

Elice, Inc. reflects recent industry trends, such as the expansion of the cloud ecosystem, and will first introduce educational content such as security and certification, starting with lectures in the cloud field. Through the Elice AI practical training brand ‘Elcademy’, you can experience Pluralsight’s educational contents such as △AWS Basics, △Azure Basics, △Cloud Security Basics, △AWS Certification (CLF-01), △Azure Certification (DP-900), etc. You can.

Elice, Inc. participated as a partner in the conference ‘PLURALSIGHT NAVIGATE’ hosted by Pluralsight in Salt Lake City, USA from the 17th to the 19th (US time) and stood shoulder to shoulder with major American IT companies and authors. As part of the cooperation, both companies plan to promote various special promotions at Elcademy at the end of this year.

Elice, Inc.’s Kim Jae-won said, “We plan to provide excellent educational contents of the Pluralsight to learners in each country by adding automatic subtitles, translations, and dubbing developed by Elice, Inc. with generative AI technology,” adding, “We will introduce the most effective educational service to many learners who want to learn global IT technologies through cooperation between the two companies.”

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