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Have you ever heard of “work cuter”? Iljaler means “a person who works well,” which is a word that shows the values of the MZ generation, which values individual independent growth in work life. Many people are looking for and looking at various methods such as memo and organization, work flow identification, schedule management, and goal setting to become a worker. Among other things, it’s important to use the automation tools that increase productivity in your work for efficient work effectively. In this content, we will introduce three work automation tools that increase work efficiency for office workers: Jira, Jaffir, and Confidence, and show you how to make good use of them.

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Why do you need automation

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According to Microsoft’s 2023 work trend index report, most workers are experiencing a drop in work productivity due to digital debt. Digital debt means that the use of digital technologies such as email and chat leads to data flooding and spends a lot of time managing it.

According to the survey, 62% of workers spend a lot of time on communication and information retrieval, so they don’t have enough time to invest in actual work. Sixty-four percent of the workers said they lacked the energy and time needed to carry out their work. In fact, an analysis of Microsoft 365 app usage patterns found that users spend more time on communication tasks such as email, meetings, and chatting than on creative and creative tasks. Of course, digital technology has improved the communication process and speed of work, but on the other hand, too much data is being accumulated, so if you don’t streamline your work, “work for work” can increase. Reduce this time by leveraging work automation tools. It also allows you to spend more time looking for strategic thinking or innovative ideas.

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Introducing 3 Work Automation Tools

From now on, I’d like to introduce three automation tools that can help you streamline your work. It’s Zira, Zappier, Confluence. These are three automation tools that help reduce and streamline the time spent on project progress and communication.

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Jira is a project management tool developed by Atlasian. Although it is primarily used in software development, it can be used effectively in various fields and industries because of its many features. Gira is designed to enable teams to plan, track and manage projects in real time. You can track issues, manage an Agile project, and set up workflows easily. Zira makes project and process management more systematic and efficient. Zira allows teams to monitor progress, collaborate and keep project development up to date. Team members can also leverage Jira to efficiently understand the status of projects in real time, manage schedules and tasks, and prioritize tasks to be done.


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If Zira was a tool to help you get your project going, then Zappier helps you automate time-consuming iterations. Jaffir is a powerful online task automation tool that connects to more than 3,000 apps, including Gmail and Slack, helping automate almost everything from automated email transfers to spreadsheet updates.

In Jaffir, there is a workflow called Zaps that automates repetitive tasks by linking apps. Defining Zap to suit your needs so that frequent tasks run automatically, reducing time spent on ‘work for work’. For example, when certain mail arrives, you can automatically send a Slack message or set it to send an email based on data from a new Google spreadsheet.


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Confluence, like Zira, is a collaborative tool developed by Atlassian. Confluence provides a shared workspace for teams to create, collaborate, and store tasks. It also provides information sources for business documents, minutes, and project planning. Simply put, confluence is a collaborative tool that helps all team members work together efficiently. Because confluence and gira are linked together, project management and collaboration are flexible when used together. Everyone can track the progress of a project on the same page and check for changes and updates. Confluence allows team members to document their work and share important information. So it’s easy for the whole team to find and manage their work in one place. It is a great advantage to automate and streamline the process of sharing information and communication within the team.

work efficiency in order to become a worker. In modern businesses where remote and collaborative work is becoming more common, Jira, Jaffir, and Confluence are highly useful work automation tools for office workers. You can leverage these three tools to increase productivity and reduce repetitive tasks effectively.

How do you want to learn how to use your work automation tools?

It is possible to automate work by utilizing not only Jira, Jaffier, and Confluence, but also Excel and ChatGPT. Automating tasks not only reduces human error, but also allows employees to spend more time on creative tasks, innovative tasks. We anticipate that automation of work will play an important role in completely changing the way we work in the future.

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