Elice Inc. leaps forward as an AI solution company through AI in all areas of infrastructure, platform, and content.



On the 17th, a press conference called ‘Everything of AI’ was held and a blueprint for moving from an AI education company to an AI solution company was presented.

Announcement of plans to build comprehensive platform capabilities, small language models, and infrastructure for AI education innovation

Attracted 20 billion won in investment from global investment company Vertex Growth

Elice Inc. (CEO Kim Jae-won), an education practice platform company, held a press conference ‘Everything of AI’ at the InterContinental Seoul COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 17th, and expressed its ambition to become an AI solution company using the education data and AI technology accumulated to date. revealed.

To this end, Elice Inc. introduced an all-in-one comprehensive platform, AI education, and AI solution business strategy that will open a new horizon for AI education. In addition, it was announced that it had succeeded in attracting 20 billion won in investment from Vertex Growth, a global investment company, to build a stable infrastructure in the field of AI education and research.

■ Developed into a comprehensive platform where you can meet various educational contents including Elice

Elice Inc. will further strengthen the platform's AI capabilities and establish a 'comprehensive education platform' where various educational contents can be viewed in one place by establishing a new library where multiple content companies can register learning contents.

First, we will expand partnerships with leading domestic and foreign content companies to expand the range of content choices for companies and individual customers using Elice LXP. Last year, Elice Inc. signed an exclusive domestic supply contract with Pluralsight of the United States, the No. 1 company in global B2B IT education sales, and signed partnership agreements with Class 101 and RMP.

The ‘Elice Library’, newly introduced this year, registers a variety of affiliated content, including Elice content. Elice Library is a system that allows you to easily upload various types of learning materials and also allows version management through future updates. Companies and organizations that adopt Elice LXP can create a curriculum and create a customized evaluation system using only the necessary learning from the content in the library.

Elice LXP’s AI function is also upgraded to the next level. In addition to translation, subtitles, and dubbing of video and text materials required for content production, as well as spell check, AI understands the content of the data and suggests appropriate results. It will also be possible to change the tone of speech, making it possible to create customized learning materials that suit the nature of the lecture. It also provides an automatic AI question generator for testing learning content. ‘AI Helpy’, based on generative AI, also expands its role as a ‘tutor’ that can provide interactive educational experiences to learners, including preemptive feedback using AI functions.

■ Developing our own AI model that has learned over 200,000 programming Q&A data and leading changes in AI education

As AI has been introduced in public education in earnest since 2025, Elice Inc. has begun developing AI digital textbooks and has taken the lead in building an AI-centered educational environment. Based on the vast amount of education data accumulated so far, Elice Inc. has succeeded in developing an education-specific small language model (sLM) that will change the AI learning environment. With a size only 1/25th that of the existing large-scale language model (LLM), the response speed has become faster, and by learning about 200,000 programming-related Q&A data, it shows higher performance than the existing LLM in programming. Another feature is that it selects an optimized model according to the learner's questions and derives results. It is currently being applied to AI Helpy to provide a new programming education environment.

The Elice public education platform is built as a comprehensive platform that allows learning of English and mathematics in addition to information subjects based on existing coding education. Currently, a total of 63,000 library materials are registered, and AI Helpy can also be used for information, English, and math subjects. In the future, the plan is to utilize the Elice Library function to enable multiple textbook publishers to produce and register content, and then to enable free use by educational institutions.

Elice Inc.'s various research achievements to establish AI in public education were also introduced. We also announced the results of AI research cooperation with researchers at domestic universities such as Pohang University of Science and Technology and KAIST, as well as ‘Safe AI’, which is being researched and developed to ensure that information reaches students safely and correctly.

■ Construction of infrastructure to lead stable AI education and research begins in earnest

As the number of research institutes, universities, and companies participating in AI-related research and development increases rapidly, the need for AI data centers is also increasing. Elice Inc. builds an AI data center for efficient and stable AI research and provides ‘Elice Cloud’ services that can be customized depending on usage.

When using Elice Cloud services, it is characterized by the ability to use as many resources as needed at a reasonable cost through its unique ‘dynamic allocation technology’. Services include ▲Elice Project, ▲Elice Cloud On Demand, and ▲EliceML API, which are optimized for AI education and research.

The Elice Project is a service that provides a pre-set development environment and GPU resources so that you can start AI research right away. Students, researchers, and developers studying AI can easily use it on an online platform, and it operates on a monthly subscription basis, reducing the burden of GPU use.

Elice Cloud On Demand is provided for companies and research institutes that require a large-scale GPU development environment. This is a service that allocates and provides a GPU container environment configured to the customer's desired specifications so that the customer can freely use it, and charges for the amount actually used.

We also released the EliceML API, which allows you to distribute open source or self-developed AI models as an API service. Without the need to build a complex API server yourself, simply upload an AI model and a deployment environment will be automatically built, allowing anyone to easily and simply deploy AI services after developing them. The service will open in February of this year.

We are also planning to build our own data center specialized in AI. Elice AI Data Center is a Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC). It is optimized for AI infrastructure operation with a high-density power configuration compared to existing data centers and is characterized by rapid expansion of module units according to demand. Operating costs can also be reduced due to high power use efficiency. In addition, it supports on-premise (self-built) on a module basis, providing optimal conditions for use by governments, organizations, and companies where data security is important. Elice Inc., which has steadily accumulated experience in developing and operating AI infrastructure services, is also pursuing the construction of a large-scale AI-only data center in Busan based on its experience in building PMDC.

*Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC): A small data center in the form of a movable cargo container.*

To this end, Elice Inc. recently succeeded in attracting 20 billion won in investment from new global VC Vertex Growth. By attracting investment, Elice Inc. plans to expand its business as an AI solution company, including building a data center, and accelerate its global expansion. Elice Inc. completed the establishment of a Singapore corporation last year following the establishment of a US corporation in 2022. Elice Inc., which participated in CES 2024 for the first time and introduced Elice LXP to global buyers, will begin targeting the APAC market in earnest this year, focusing on Singapore.

Elice Inc. Media conference link(youtube)

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