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우리 모두를 위한 교실 Classrooms for everyone

엘리스에게 있어 교육이란 교육을 받는 대상뿐만 아니라 교육을 하는 사람, 교육을 운영하는 사람 모두를 향합니다. 엘리스는 교실이라는 공간을 플랫폼으로 해석했습니다. 엘리스의 교실은 교육과 관련된 다양한 사람들이 모여들고, 상호작용이 이루어지는 곳 입니다. 그리고 더 나은 기회를 만들어주는 곳이라고 정의합니다.
Our Values

Elice delivers multiple values through education.


Personal growth
A growing individual is a prerequisite for a growing company. We believe that when personal growth and corporate goals meet in one place, unparalleled results will result.


Diversity of the team
When a group of talented individuals come together to form a team, the most important thing is diversity. Through execution based on diverse opinions, the team becomes stronger.


Contribution to society
We never forget that companies are also part of society. It is an important value of Elice to participate in creating a better society by solving problems with impact.
What We Do

클라우드를 기반으로 교육, 평가, 채용 세 단계의 구조로 성장의 기회와 사회의 혁신을 만들어갑니다.

Elice Enterprises
Hands-on training that aligns with your enterprise's DX training goals and takes into account the capabilities of your employees.
Elice Academy
We provide programming education tailored to your goals, whether it's for employment, academics, or empowerment.
Elice Test
Get real-world experience and see your skills grow with this authorized assessment.
Elice Works
Build your best career with our developer job search and recruiting platform.


2022. 12.
Smart App Awards 2022 Specialized Education Awards
Minister of Science and ICT Commendation for Cloud Industry Development
2022. 11.
HolonIQ East Asia EdTech 150 Selected for 2nd consecutive year
2022. 11
Credit Guarantee Fund Innovation Icon Selection
2022. 01.
Won the Korea First Brand Award for Coding Education
2021. 12.
Special Award (Technology Innovation) at the Korea Internet Awards
2021. 11.
Selected for HolonIQ East Asia EdTech 150
Commended by the Minister of Science and ICT at ICT InnoFesta
2021. 10.
Winner of the 5th 4th Industrial Revolution Award
2021. 05.
Selected as a 2021 Global ICT Future Unicorn Fostering Company by the Ministry of Science and ICT
2019. 09.
Won the Prime Minister's Award at Edutech Fair
2018. 05.
Won the Amazon AWS AI Challenge Excellence Award
Won the KAIST Entrepreneurship Competition
Join Our Team

나에게 먼저 찾아올 더 나은 기회와 뛰어난 동료들

Elice News

Various news from Elice.

DI Today
Elice, Korea's first Edutech to join hands with Databrix to make digital transformation
IT Chosun
Elice Group conducts DX open training for office workers
Electronic Times
Elice Group selected as the 1st Digital Talent Leaders Club
Maeil Economy
Elice Group Builds Cloud-Based GPU·NPU Farm With Naver Cloud
Seoul Economy
[ScaleUp Report] Accumulated Users Close to 1 Million…Emerging as a Key Player in AI Textbooks

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